Our Story

Who we are

The Afro Hair Plug is a whole mood. One that stemmed from a question you've probably asked yourself "where can I get my hair done right?" The best line up or bantu knots might actually be right on your doorstep, but not knowing where to find a trusted stylist is a problem you may face if you've moved city or just need to try something new but with us you don’t have to go out like that.

The manifesto

The struggle is real, but at times it’s simply unnecessary. We wanted to create a platform that connected local hairstylists with those of us in the Afro Caribbean community needing our hair ‘done right’. Confidence in our hair is integral to our community and our mission is to further the movement of Afro hair positivity.

How it works

Are you looking for a stylist? You can search out professionals in your area offering what you need. You also get the opportunity to preview their work, and discuss your wants and needs.

Are you a stylist? You immediately get access to those of us who want to use your services. You’ll be able to build your profile, reputation and client list.


Our company registered address is:

The Afro Hair Plug

International House,
12 Constance Street
E16 2DQ
United Kingdom.

Company number: 12917000