Business listing guidelines

Keeping content authentic

Creativity is righteous. Stealing, not so much. Imagery within a stylist’s profile must be of their actual work. Also not photoshopped. Definitely not photoshopped.

Keeping content appropriate

We want to encourage a free and open forum for stylists and clients to list businesses. But content must not contain any language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religious group.

Business information

Knowledge is power. It’s also helpful when doing business. If you’re a stylist please make sure you provide as much detail on your business.

Keeping visuals suitable

We never said only Afro hair matters, we know that all hairstyles matters, but this site has a focus on Afro hair. So for that reason we would need your imagery to be of Afro hair treated or styled by your salon, barbershop or clinic.


This is awkward but here goes: As a stylist you are liable for any injury or professional loss that your client sustains as a result of the treatment. For that reason we recommend that if you are listing yourself as a stylist you should obtain public liability insurance, as this will provide protection against the cost of any legal claims made against you. We’re not lawyers, and can't advise on if your client has a legitimate loss of earnings claim because your line up left them too embarrassed to go to work. But we really do strongly recommend insuring yourself. Just in case.